About the establishment

Why choose "la viti"?

Anchored in its territory since the 19th century, the Beaune establishment is a benchmark establishment in the fields of viticulture and the marketing of wines and spirits.

Perpetually adapting to best meet the needs of learners, parents, professionals and regions, since 2017 the establishment has started a new phase of modernizing its facilities with investments from the Regional Council of Bourgogne Franche-Comté.
He works on the development of educational innovation, the development of digital education and new technologies. 


Excellence training for everyone

Whether through initial schooling (high school), through work-study program (cfa), the establishment provides quality education, preparing for recognized diplomas, leading to rich professional careers in the region and internationally.

In addition, the CFPPA offers, throughout life, short training courses allowing everyone to raise their level of qualification. 


A wine estate

Supporting training, the establishment has its own 20 hectare vineyard, conducted in sustainable agriculture, as well as an ultramodern winery allowing a production of 100,000 bottles per year. An important asset that can be enjoyed without moderation. 


Many partners

From prestigious estates to large trading houses, including expertise offices, our teaching is enriched by renowned partners with great know-how. A real asset for our training courses. 

Lycée Viticole - CFA - CFPPA


& projects

Construction of a new winery - Inaugurated on November 14, 2017 -
Integration of a sensory analysis room with 32 stations.

Renovation of the day school and classrooms from 2017 to 2019.

Installation of immersive driving simulators for straddle tractors
in November 2019.

Project to upgrade a vine pruning simulator with EDUTER.

Reflection on the use of new technologies in the farms
vineyards (Robotization, electric straddles, etc.)

Development of digital in teaching (Drones, Tables
interactive, digital tiles ...)


International cooperation

Partnership with South Africa and Chile, with funding from
Regional Council of Burgundy Franche-Comté.

Reception of different countries: (China, Japan, South Korea, Argentina,
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel).

ERASMUS + project: Higher Education Consortium, and
Education and Vocational Training (VET).


Educational projects
Animation of territories


GIE (School Club)

Pupils, students and apprentices projects within the framework of the
territory animation mission.

Partners & Networks

We very widely involve professionals from our business sectors on our campus,
and this in order to promote the influence of training courses within the profession.

The Local Professional Agricultural Education and Training Establishment organizes, participates and hosts many actions through facilities
(Amphitheater, catering, meeting rooms, etc.) in a privileged setting.
These actions allow our learners to interact with the professional world during seminars or professional meetings.

A propos de l'EPLEFPA

Fondée en 1884 suite à la crise du Phyloxera "la Viti de Beaune" est constitué de 4 centres :

Le LEGTA, Lycée d'Enseignement Général et Technologique Agricole de la 3ème au Brevet de Technicien Supérieur par la voie de la formation initiale.
Le CFA, Centre de formation d'Apprentis du CAP au BTSA par la voie de l'apprentissage.
Le CFPPA, Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agricole pour adultes par la voie de la formation permanente.
Le DOMAINE VITICOLE exploitation de 22 ha, servant de support pédagogique et d'expérimentation (production-vinification-commercialisation).

La Viti de BEAUNE

Adresse: 16 avenue Charles Jaffelin 21200 BEAUNE

Phone: +33 (0)3 80 26 35 80

Email: epl.beaune@educagri.fr

Horaires d'ouverture

 Lundi: 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h

 Mardi: 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h

 Mercredi: 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h

 Jeudi: 8h - 12h / 13h - 17h

 Vendredi: 8h - 12h / 13h - 16h

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