La classe de BTS Technico-commercial s’est rendue ce vendredi à la tonnellerie de Mercurey pour une visite en anglais sur l’élaboration d’un fût.
Cette visite a été très enrichissante et nous a permis d’acquérir de nombreuses connaissances concernant les futs, la matière première qui est le chêne ainsi que notre prestigieux produit.


Visiting Mercurey cooperage

The first year BTSTC students had the opportunity to visit the Mercurey cooperage last Friday afternoon.
The visit was conducted in English by M Sébastien Cossin,the current manager of the cooperage and by Julien.
We discovered the various stages of barrel making. This is a painstaking process requiring real human expertise.
The students definitely enjoyed the visit. They observed the skill involved and realized that the working conditions are really difficult because of the noise and the heat. This visit enabled students to gain knowledge about the importance of the toasting process which imparts different aromas to the wine.
L Nicolas and B Vuittenez would like to thank warmly the Mercurey cooperage for welcoming our students.

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