puce niv1Adapted training tools:

puce_niv2The Viti de Beaune "has rooms adapted to implement an applied and technical pedagogy:
- physics-chemistry, biology and oenology laboratories.
- computer and multimedia equipment
- a resource and documentation center

 PresentViti2013 (8)  PresentViti2013 (16)  PresentViti2013 (1) 

PresentViti2011 (14)  PresentViti2013 (13)  PresentViti2013 (5)



puce_niv2Specific workshops:
- machinism
- barel making






puce_niv2A winery for practical work:


 DansVigneVendanges2017  Cuverie.01.2018(1)  Cuverie.01.2018(2)



puce_niv2a place of life:
- a mixed internship
- a dynamic student home
- a quality restoration
- several TV rooms
- a City Stadium

PresentViti2011 (8)  PresentViti2011 (9)  CityStade 

PresentViti2011 (11)  Restauration2


puce niv1A place of learning for taking responsibility :

puce_niv2Train and educate for better autonomy and responsibility, this is possible at "la viti de Beaune" due to : 

- supervision of teachers and supervisors when carrying out projects educational and peri-educational.

- the existence of four dynamic associations:

- l'A.L.E.S.A (Association of High School Students, Students, Trainees, Apprentices), managed by a student office, it offers services and activities (board games, foosball, billiards, cinema, shows, music club, club modeling, photo club, ..., sports activities within the sport association of the school, ...)

- L'A.S.V (Athletic Association), chaired by the Director of the school, in collaboration with sport  teachers, it allows young people to participate in sports competitions as part of the UNSS.

- L'A.T.C.(Association of Commercial Technicians), student associations to facilitate the implementation of their educational projects.

- Les Techniciens de la Baie, students association of the viticulture-oenology sections of the high school and the apprenticeship Training Center.


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